About WeatherBookings.com

Isn't it a fun idea with a site where you can book your weather? We who run weatherbookings.com are Fredrik and Jenny Forsberg, and we wish that we were the one coming up with the idea. Since we like weather and humor we have been fans to the site for quite some time and often been here booking our weather. When the opportunity rose in 2016 to own weatherbookings.com, we took it. We hope that you appreciate it as much as we do!

We live on the 9th floor in the Stockholm suburbs of Täby with Fredrik's two dogs Chaplin and Enzo.

Fredrik is hired as the Customer Care Manager for ERP systems to the vehicle industry. He also helps pet owners to track their pets if the get lost with the id tracking dog Enzo. Fredrik is also running his own small firm Few Consulting, where he works with Wordpress pages.

Jenny has a profession as a plain language consultant in Swedish and is running her own business Klartext, since 2002, where she helps companies and authorities making texts comprehensible. She is also a writer, blogging on Jennys författarblogg (in Swedish). So far she has written four non-fiction books and two novels. Jenny is also active in social media, and if you are curios, you can follow her on for instance Instagram or on her writer's page on Facebook.

Jenny and Fredrik Forsberg


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